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Stay Wild Show
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June 17th, 18th, 19th 2022

Cimone Outdoor asd presents:







Nature and Adventure


The Event:

It is a proposal for lovers of nature, outdoor life, adventure, children and families.

A 360 ° immersion in nature, to raise public awareness on the issues of environmental awareness and protection of natural capital, environmental protection, survival, adventure, outdoor life, sustainable and environmental tourism, outdoor sports and healthy styles of life, recycling, reuse, craftsmanship, manual skills.


The location: Villa Sorra

The Villa Sorra complex is made up of various elements (villa, stables, greenhouse, caretaker's house, rustic buildings, historic park, romantic ruins, waterways) whose coexistence gives rise to an almost unique sample of pre-industrial agricultural landscape, of inestimable historical, cultural and environmental value.

In the green areas there is the most representative example of a nineteenth-century "romantic" garden of Este, the most important of the informal gardens still present in Emilia Romagna.

The estate was built by Antonio Sorra, son of Count Francesco Sorra, between the end of the seventeenth century and the early years of the eighteenth century, who built "a master's house in the villa of Panzano, for the necessary convenience of vacationing" and to supervise the agricultural activities practiced. in the family lands.

It is located in Gaggio di Castelfranco Emilia, the event can be accessed from the entrance on Via Pieve, which has ample free parking.


Commercial area products:

Technical clothing, footwear, equipment.

Crafts, intellectual works, handmade items, hobbyists, artifacts with recycled material.

Trekking, canyoning, hiking, rafting.

Off road

Mountain biking

Street food


Activities for the public:

Horse area - Dog area - Falconry area - Archers area

Bike area

Knife and ax throwing area - Combat sports and personal defense area

Laboratory area (survival, archeology, insect teaching, intertwining marsh grasses, bonsai care, private greenery care)

Guided tours of the historic park of Villa Sorra

Cycle tourism routes in the province, with departure and arrival at Villa Sorra.

Workshops for adults and children

Test equipment

Themed music and dance shows

Car and motorcycle rallies



On display:

Lavvu curtains

Military vehicles

Western village and show western weapons

Street food

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