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 Survival ADVANCED Class

The "Advanced Survival Course" is accessible only to those who have already successfully completed and passed the "Basic Course" and the "Intermediate Course". In this course you do not need a physical / athletic sports preparation, but it is essential to have good endurance, good training and a good state of health, the will to get 100% involved, to challenge your limits and to put in practice, the knowledge of the art of Survival discussed in the previous courses. It will be a real challenge with yourself, the team spirit, collaboration and mutual support between the participants will be the one that will determine the passing of the various tests to which you will be subjected. As always, we will operate with absolute respect for the environment and its inhabitants.


Duration: 3 days full immersion (3 days, 2 nights)


Attendees: max 6/8 


Goal of the course:

- To stimulate the participants to put the techniques of Survival and Bushcraft into practice in "real" situations

assimilated in previous courses, such as finding food, water, building a shelter, taking care and lending

aid to others, develop the spirit of the "Herd" and sharpen the sense of "problem-solving" and leader ship

all elements that characterize the successful overcoming of "critical events".

- To learn about ourselves.

- To have more confidence in our skills.

- To know what to do in any environmental and climatic situation.

- To know how far you can go with your body and mind.


Where: setting up base camp in an unknown area





08,00 a.m.:

  • Meeting



07,00 a.m.:

  • Awakening



07,00 a.m.:

  • Awakening

around 04,20 pm:​ (the timetable and the program can be modified according to the situations).

Reaching an exfiltration point

Debriefing, issue of certificates 


The detailed program of the days is deliberately omitted, as it can change every time according to the situations and reactions of the "Branco" in front of the events it will face.


Reservation: The course is limited in number, with a number of participants that may vary according to the period and the area of ​​development, to allow the optimal organization of the course, reservations are advisable well in advance.


Participation fee: The participation fee of the 3 days full immersion Advanced Survival Course includes:

insurance coverage, teaching materials and the certificate of nominal participation recognized at national level and issued by A.S.I. (Italian Sports and Social Associations) and by CONI.


The acquisition of the certificate of participation in the Advanced Survival Course is the crowning achievement of a journey started from the basic notions of Survival and progressively enriched up to the awareness of "knowing how to manage" alone and in a group, anywhere and in any situation.

For the more ambitious it could be the starting point of the path to become a National ASI Operator in the sector and then conclude with the professional path to become National Survival and Outdoor Instructors preparing in our "Academy" enabled, recognized and certified by ASI National.


Info and Contacts:



Facebook: Cimone Outdoor A.S.D. Scuola di Sopravvivenza

Mobile: Renzo 3332888730                                    

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