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Survival and Bushcraft INTERMEDIATE Class

The "Intermediate Survival Course" is accessible to all those who have already successfully completed and passed the "Basic Survival Course" (the social card must be in a valid state), even in this course, no physical preparation is required / athletics, but it is necessary to have some fundamental requirements, such as the desire to deepen one's knowledge of the art of survival, to learn new more primitive techniques and get involved again, always challenging oneself with absolute respect for the environment and its inhabitants. The team spirit and the collaboration between the participants will be fundamental and indispensable to overcome the difficulties of life in an environment that you will face.


Duration: 3 days full immersion (2 days and half, 2 nights)


Attendees: max 6/8 

Goal of the course:

- Learn more about the most ancestral Art of Survival

- Learn to know ourselves better.

- Have more confidence in our skills.

- Learn new things.

- Being able to foresee the dangers.


Where: setting up a base camp in an un-populated area and trekking in neighboring areas in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennine area





11,00 a.m.:

  • Meeting at the meeting point

  • Initial briefing, participants presentation and course presentation

  • Excursion to the area where the Base Camp will be set up with daytime orientation techniques without instruments

  • Recognition of edible and non-edible herbs and plants

  • Elements of psychology in emergency circumstances

  • How to choose the area to set up a base camp

  • SHELTER: construction techniques for emergency shelters with natural materials found on site

  • FIRE: Preparation and Lighting of the Fire with the methods learned in the Basic course

  • "Dinner Preparation" *

  • Overnight in self-built shelters



07,00 a.m.:

  • Awakening

  • Fire restoration

  • Terrestrial Navigation Techniques

  • FIRE: Fire preparation and lighting techniques with ancient and primitive methods

  • FOOD: Research, recognition and collection of main edible and officinal plants

  • WATER: How to find it and natural drinking techniques

  • Preparation of lunch with found plants and roots *

  • Construction of Primitive Weapons

  • Traps construction to get food in emergency situations **

  • Realization of main nodes and their use

  • Overcoming natural obstacles with rope passages

  • "Dinner: cooking food with Bushcraft techniques" *

  • Night orientation techniques without instrumentation

  • Night excursion

  • Overnight in self-built shelters



07,00 a.m.:

  • Awakening

  • Fire restoration

  • Environmental education

  • Construction of "primitive" work tools

  • Construction of "natural" rope

  • "Preparing lunch" *

  • Notions of "Prepping"

  • Basic archery techniques

  • Hygiene and health

  • Notions of First Aid and Self Aid

  • Injured transportation techniques

  • Emergency reports

  • Disassembly of Base Camp (cleaning and remediation of the area in front of the Camp)

  • Return march to the meeting point

  • Debriefing, issue of certificates and leave of participants



* Food preparation is subject to availability

** During the entire duration of the course, no damage will be done to the Fauna, the Traps that will be built will be for demonstration purposes only and will be inerted immediately after construction





Reservation: The course is limited in number, with a number of participants that may vary according to the period and the area of ​​development, to allow the optimal organization of the course, reservations are advisable well in advance.


Participation fee: The participation fee of the full immersion Intermediate Survival Course lasting 3 days includes:

insurance coverage, teaching materials and the certificate of nominal participation recognized at national level by ASI (Italian Sports and Social Associations) and by CONI.


N.B. the acquisition of the certificate of participation in the Intermediate Survival Course, gives the right to registration and participation in the Advanced Survival Course.


Request the online registration form, fill it in and send it back, a confirmation email will guarantee your registration


Info and Contacts:



Facebook: Cimone Outdoor A.S.D. Scuola di Sopravvivenza

Mobile: Renzo 3332888730                                    

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