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Survival And Bushcraft BASIC Class


Open to everyone, no previous experiences required. No specific physical or athletic training needed. 

Just the desire to live a "different" experience and to get involved, the absolute respect for the environment and its inhabitants, the spirit of collaboration and the desire to adapt to "Life in the Woods" to savor, rediscover and become protagonists of what was the art of arranging and "living" which allowed our species to "survive" for centuries.


Duration: 2 days of full immersion (two days, one night)


Attendees: max 10/12 


Goal of the Course:

- Bring the participants to regain awareness with now lost or obsolete gestures.

- See modern life through different eyes.

- Learn new things.

- Find us at ease with and in nature.


Where: setting up a base camp in a non-populated area and trekking in neighboring areas in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennine area






08,00 a.m.:

  • Meeting

  • Briefing, attendees and course introduction

  • Elements of psychology in emergency circumstances

  • Verification and comparison of materials and equipment

  • Excursion to the area where the Base Camp will be set up with first notions of daytime orientation with the use of the Compass and the Map

  • Survival Kit Set Up

  • First Aid Kit Set Up

  • SHELTER: how to choose the right place for the base camp, techniques for building emergency shelters (safety and comfort)

  • FIRE: basic fire making techniques (safety and utility)

  • Lunch 

  • WATER: basic water purification techniques (filtering and sterilization)

  • Learning of main knots and their use

  • Dinner: cooking food with “Bushcraft” techniques (how to make the most of our fire)

  • Night excursion (walking in the dark) finding your way with the stars

  • Overnight in self-built shelters




07,00 a.m.:

  • Awakening

  • Fire restoration  

  • Breakfast

  • Trekking in the area in search of natural baits (orientation)

  • Recognition of main edible and medicinal plants

  • Overcoming natural obstacles with ropes

  • Environmental Education

  • Lunch

  • Emergency Signals

  • Hygiene and Health

  • Self and First Aid Fundamentals

  • Disassembly of Base Camp (cleaning and remediation of the area in front of the Camp)

  • Return to meeting point

  • Debriefing,  certifications ceremony








The course is limited in number, with a number of participants that can vary according to the period and the area of ​​development, to allow the optimal organization of the course, reservations are advisable well in advance.


When registering, specify any food allergies and / or intolerances, also specify whether vegetarian, vegan or other. The list of minimum equipment required can be found in the link above, however it is sent at the time of the request for information


Participation fee: The participation fee of the 2 day full immersion survival course includes: the membership fee to the ASD Cimone Outdoor (for new members only), insurance coverage, food and water rations provided for the duration of the course, teaching materials, our school's T-shirt and certificate of participation nominal recognized nationally by ASI (Italian Sports and Social Associations) and CONI. N.B. the acquisition of the certificate of participation in the National Basic Survival Course, entitles you to enroll in and participate in the Intermediate Survival Course, a natural path to then aim for participation in the Advanced Survival Course.


Request the online registration form, fill it in and send it back, a confirmation email will guarantee your registration.

Info and Contacts:

Web: e-mail:

Facebook: Cimone Outdoor A.S.D. National School of Survival

Mobile: Renzo 3332888730

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